Headlines for this year

Top headlines for the year will be (unless/until there is a major disaster or conflict):

1 — Number of vaccines given (and the deplorable people who won't get them and all the noise surrounding that discussion)

2 — How fast the economy is growing again (the Dems will be banging that drum.. not enough, not as much as they could or should)

3 — Looking back on the past year — gonna' be lots of that.  It has already started.  This is the most well documented era that has yet existed and we will be inundated with that documentation

4 — And, of course, Kanye and Kim are no longer talking to each other

As are millions of others, I went back to find that shot where I was with a group of people in my living room or in the bar all of us un-masked and having a great time just before the disaster.  That picture does not exist.  So I'll just give you these two from this week last year:

Early adopter
Early adopter
Love the way he says whatever the hell he's saying
Love the way he says whatever the hell he's saying


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