End of another grueling week of part time work

And, yeah, your freakin' refund will be here and no, I don't know when and neither does anyone in the known universe.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

Looks like five more weeks.  The schedule ends on the 15th and I expect that's it for me.  Back to being unemployed.  Whew.

I've got 6 inch cakes to make and other things.  Who has time to work.  And it is spring and our grass looks like weeds and flowers need to be planted or something like that. 

It is looking like the season will earn me something like $1800 which is fine.  At the rate of our negative cash flow that will cover for a year plus.  And who knows what else might come along.

I'll be happy to putter around doing one thing a day again.  Working up to my potential.

Meanwhile I've got ribs in the refrigerator that need to be smoked tomorrow.  Got to stay in practice.


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