The way out

My employer sent out a note today (fewer emojis and cute characters and only one cartoon picture so you know they were serious) pointing out that mid April will kick off a 75% reduction in force and if you want to keep being employed now would be a good time to raise your customer service and schedule scores.  And if you want to take a break until next October click here.

I clicked.  This whole work thing has been nice but it is time to take a break for the summer.  I have things to do and I only want to do one a day.  This doing several things in one day or packing three things into the weekend (cutting the grass, cooking ribs AND getting the car inspected) is just too much. 

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Today was shopping day.  I had my shot scheduled, the one that required me to drive an hour each way, but no longer had to do that when the local one was available last Monday.  So I already had cancelled this morning's schedule so I went early to the store.  It was nearly empty and I filled the basket with what turned out to be mostly carbs and a really nice steak.  Since we have two Home Chef meals in the frig and three Dinnerly meals on the way we have five meals in the bank plus the steak that I can pair with corn, potato and peas or okra from the freezer.  So what we really NEEDED was to save the world from keto.  Crackers and bread and such.

And spices needed to make a six inch spice cake.  (really hard to fit that in around my work schedule, see?). 

Now I've got two and a half hours before my work sked starts today so I think take Zoe for a walk before it gets hot and then maybe a little nap.


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