I'm four weeks away from a return to unemployment so I'm practicing today.  I think once everything is said and done I'll have earned close to $2k a third of which will go into deep savings to pay the taxes on it next year.  The rest will be in shallow savings to cover the minor monthly cost over runs that occur and function is my first defense against emergent costs.

Today I'm going to do as near nothing as I can get away with.  I've got a thick steak to cook outside after a while and I'll putter around picking up here and sweeping there and probably start a book that will likely be set aside until after the 15th of April.  I really have nothing (other than the steak) that I have to do today.  

So a quiet day planning for tomorrow.  It is time to buy mulch.  Time to buy some buffalo grass seed and see if we can get rid of the bare patches in our back yard.  Time to put flower seeds in the pots.  Soon it will be hot and dry and will remain so until fall.

Also time to trim back the plants that tried to die this winter.  This is the first time since we got here in 2005 that there has been a true freeze so the spring will be interesting.  I've seen already that all our roses are coming back.  I had one that was thinking about blooming and is now stubbornly starting over.  It is a grumpy old man of a rose bush we've carted around everywhere since the first spring we got here.  The bottom of it is now looking more like a tree trunk and I chop it back periodically so it can start over.  It is looking pretty good already as are the climbing lady banks roses on our back fence.  They died down to the ground but have already grown enough it is time to pin them up.  Tomorrow.  And the new rose bush I put in the ground a week before the freeze is looking a bit annoyed by the treatment but is coming back too and will bloom in a month or so.

Lots to do but not today.  It will all be here tomorrow.


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