Yard day

Mulch and dirt and likely another rose bush and weed killer.  Our day today.  First is Home Depot for the stuff, then unloading and spreading and etc.  Today the plant beds and some dollar week killer.

I was ready to take on the dirt patches and weeds that are our back yard but turns out since we're planting buffalo grass it is too early.  Which is fine since that can be my project after tax time when I can do a little every day.  It is a three or four day job anyway.  You'd think you could just dump the stuff and it would grow.  But apparently not.  We need to pretty much kill and rake up everything currently in our back yard and then germinate and plant the grass.  Definitely something good to do when I'm not otherwise encumbered by someone else wanting me to do something.  Like work.

So today is mostly just getting the mulch out there.  And filling the pots with a couple of inches of dirt and then letting Dana plant.  Not a huge amount of work.  Just the kind I've taken to in the past few years. 

Then a nap and hopefully still enough time to make a baby spice cake.

Such is Sunday.


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