Almost successful

Buy mulch, tote it around back and spread it — check

Remount windmill — check

Spray dollar and all the lower priced weeds — check

Shower/coffee/steak and onion sandwich and reading on the front porch — check

Make a spice baby cake with cream cheese/butter icing — check

Take a nap — Nope —  I will sleep well tonight

Finally figured out the plan for when I have too much time (soon).  I've started The Stand.  Not the original one.  The author's revised version where he put in all the pages he had taken out of the original for reasons he explained but I didn't quite follow.  So a book that is rather infamous for being long is now, apparently, a lot longer.  I read it the first time before it was in paperback so it has been a while.

Turns out the book weighs about the same on Kindle regardless of how much the author added.  Nice discovery.

So I have something to do for a while now.  

Get my vaccine while reading a book about a pandemic.


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