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So much going on.. as usual

Just another typical work day...
Trimmed some pottery and threw a couple of new pots before 8 this morning.. deposited checks from the previous day on the way in.. discovered that wachovia had accepted two checks on an account that I had closed end of last month, paid them and charged me $35 each since I had no money in the account... since it was closed.. . lovely discussion with their phone support which rivals Verizon for clueless phone support and is about equal for me in number of hang ups in the middle of a sentence... called the local branch where i closed it (actually wells fargo.. .their phone support is what sucks..  wachovia phone support is 6' under)... then got the ac company who was supposed to have fixed three ac units in my 3674sqft building to schedule a follow up since my electric bill went up 35% in one month after they fixed it (jump to later in the day when they told me that 2 of the three computer pads were installed backwards... so the units ran all night for a month)... then the rv repair guy came.. very cool guy.. to see what is/is not working on my rv.. been a while.. ultimately found that everything was fine but for the refrigerator which is dead...  $1220 plus labor to fix.. .. went to wells fargo to even up my account .. they returned the $70 charge.. it may actually be closed now.. went by our local postnet run by a friend of mine who just told me that due to her impending divorce she is closing down.. .picked up fiyers there for our new sun city marketing campaign... came back and put together a refurbished pc to trade with the rv guy for the work he did today.. downloaded, printed, and signed a real estate listing agreement for my other company to get the offices rented... 

There's more but I think I'm too tired to go on...  

Really just a typical day.. .


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