We have a cracked window.

Hard to see the crack in this lazy picture but if you look it is there
Hard to see the crack in this lazy picture but if you look it is there

It is the attic and I'd have not noticed but Dana did.  Guarding her nest.  My job is to fix the nest.  So I nosed around and through Next Door got a link to a local company and contacted him.  Local.  Small business.  All seemed good.  This is not magic, it is a standard window replacement.  I even made it better by not waiting until August to make the appointment.  Since it is in the attic the temp there is pretty warm in August so I arrange anything having to do with the attic in the other seasons.  The guy was supposed to come over this morning and sent me a text yesterday afternoon:

I just wanted to advise you that when I go up into your attic I can't be responsible for any damage that may occur while walking across the rafters. I will do my best to watch where I step but I cannot be held responsible for any damage while walking or working up there.

I forwarded this gem to my friendly insurance agent who sent me back a WTF? that made me more sure of my ground.  I cancelled the appointment not really wanting anyone in my house who starts off a relationship advising me that he can't be responsible.

There are a lot of other choices and it is not an emergency.  Definitely off putting, though.


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