Weight, weight, don't tell me

Yesterday was Dr day.  Cardiologist for me in the morning and vet for Zoe in the afternoon.  We're fine but apparently gravity has increased over the years and we both got a weight mention.  Both a repeat.

So I heated up a cinnamon roll to think about it.

I just weighed myself this morning which I seldom do and I'm about the same as six months ago which to me is a victory but apparently the doc seems to think not so much.  I figure that if I lose 10 pounds in six months the doc will be happy and I'll declare victory and the next hill to climb.  Or coast down.

Over the years diets have gone from macrobiotics to keto.  After trying several different things I've discovered I can not live on a keto type diet.  And would rather be obese.  I constantly feel ill without carbs and nothing can change my feelings about the taste of broccoli or asparagus.

I managed to stay barely inside the lines during my Naval career mostly by exercise and some moderation.  Age makes it more difficult.  You'd think that dropping three or so alcohol drinks/day from my diet would make a difference and it does but not from a weight perspective.  So my goal is once I'm free of my current work gig to  start adding bicycle miles to my daily walk with Zoe.  Four years ago I was riding over 100 miles a week.  Then I had my hip and knee replacement and we moved away from the best place to ride so I got out of the habit.

And Zoe suffers from age and too many treats.  She's up a couple of pounds but at 75 pounds that is significant.  So, poor girl, she gets the same treatment.

It is time for us to be a little more active anyway.  


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