So we start another broadcasting week

I can tell it is time for the part time gig to end.  With a little more than three weeks to go I'm ready to move on and dread a little starting each day.  Not nearly as bad as the previous customer service gig.  I was really unhappy with that.  This is more of a general cross section of people and many of them are happy to have help and are fun to talk to.  

The guy coming to look at the window to quote its replacement will be here in half an hour.  I have no idea what it will cost but assume a couple of hundred dollars.  It is accessible only through the attic which means rafter walking and it is double paned, although one that can not be opened.  My guess is $250.  Paid without complaint.  It is not something I could do or not something I could do safely even if I could get the replacement parts.  

Dana got shot number two on Saturday.  And was sick the rest of the day and worse yesterday.  But by evening she was feeling better.  Neither of us would have given a thought to skipping the shot so it was just something to get through.  I'm a couple of  weeks behind her, the 7th and am scheduled to work that day and the next.  If I have the reaction she did I'll be cancelling work.  Still not something I'd even think of changing.  I'm ready to be in a position that a slip up in human contact will not result in being in a hospital or dying.  Small price to pay.


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