Not so many 'where's my refund' calls

I think people are used to the idea they are going to have to wait for refunds.  The news has a ton of info about the delays and some headway is being made.  So now I'm getting far fewer but more complex calls.

Many years ago when I did my own taxes at the dawn of the tax software era I called into H&R with a question.  Got a lovely lady who ultimately figured out that the online version had an error in it and recommended the desktop version.  I think I downloaded the desktop version although it was at 600 MBTS so I may well have gone out and bought the CD.  Desktop version worked like a charm.  That is exactly the kind of thing I'm doing now.  But no CD's.  Just pushing a download.  

And I can't file myself.  I'm waiting for a K-1 to be released (they were required to do it by March 15th but the fine is only $2oo so they don't even bother to try).  Fortunately I'm friends with the bookkeeper so I actually know what is going on and have a time line.  The people in the company, despite my having asked several times, don't even bother to keep me updated.  Of course they only accidently told me that one of the other partners had been killed last October so the disrespect level is pretty high.

I have no idea whether the resulting K1 will require me to pay more taxes or less.  The bookkeeper said the company made money last year (how the hell they did that I'll never know) which would mean I have to pay my share 3% of the partnership taxes on it.  Won't be much but I'd like it better if they lost money.  Not like I'm going to get a distribution.

So the shoemaker needs to file his taxes.  I'll be happy to make it by May 17th but I'll pay and file an extension if I need to.  Fortunately I have learned a lot about taxes recently.


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