Burn out

I was short about an hour's sleep last night.  We ended up watching something that put me way late to bed and I can really tell a difference.  I'm even more grouchy than usual.  So when I got a notice to declare my intentions re: staying another month since the season has been extended I did not hesitate.  I'll make it to the 15th but that's it.  

There are some issues that I won't air out here but it reminds me of the same issues I had before so they are systemic and maybe just part of the customer service process that I'll never accept.  

We're still waiting for one piece of income for March before I'll be sure how we did.  It will be a bit of a loss but I think less than $100.  I can take that kind of decay rate.

So all done today and the required Zoe walk taken in the 20 knot winds and shower and time to make my Home Chef walnut encrusted chicken dinner.  Then a little TV and early to bed.  I've got my monthly meeting with my small business clique early tomorrow.


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