Morning meeting

For the past three + years I've met for breakfast on the first (usually) Thursday of each month with three small business owners.  They were at one point part of a networking group I was in and we became friends there.  The three of them started meeting for breakfast and I joined them one morning and we've met every month but one since then.  It is my only social group.  I seldom interact with them during the month now I'm not a small business owner but I get insurance from one of them and pest service from another.  The third is a bookkeeper who I used to use.  I've supported all three at one point or another with computer service.  

They are the age of my children and are all three very successful.  I'm the old man of the group and now I'm retired I'm kind of a talisman, I guess.  At one point I was looking into moving away from here and then decided it was too expensive.  Their reaction was, in the middle of breakfast at the restaurant, to cheer rather loudly.  It was gratifying.  

Covid moved us on line.  They are all three very careful with their actions and their families and have been safe all this time.  We've met for a year online and it has not been as interesting.  I think we might meet next month in person.  I'm sure they will all be vaccinated by then.  Outside in a backyard but in person.  It will be the first social gathering I've done in more than a year.  Not like I do very many anyway.  As few as possible.  But this one will be significant.

Meanwhile we meet this morning on Zoom and I get this month's report on the businesses and the families and how things are going.  It is like watching a soap opera.  Very slow development of what is kind of a random plot.  

Then another day of 'where is my refund'.


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