Limbering up my arm

Dose number two tomorrow morning at 9AM at the high school stadium.  No idea what to expect.  My sister, susandennis had no reaction to number two but my wife was down two days.  It doesn't matter too much to me since I've got nothing planned other than working at home and I can dump that if I need to.  I'm ready.  Our county this month so far:

Williamson County reported 146 new coronavirus cases between April 1-4, bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to 37,372, according to Williamson County and Cities Health District data.

The county also added five new deaths during that time, bringing the total to 455, it said.

This in a county of 590,551.  Five new deaths.  Not repeat deaths, not walking dead, but new deaths.   

That seems like a lot to me.  I've been double masked.  With the second shot I'll go down to one mask anywhere there are a bunch of potential new death people.


I'm down to six more working days here.  The cases are all more difficult now.  We're not getting so many 'where is my refund' calls or even 'where is my stimulus' calls.  Now it is more complicated stuff that, if I think it is truly a tax issue, I pass on to someone who, you know, knows about taxes.  

They ping with with information about my various rates of accomplishment, or lack thereof.  It is so hard for me to decide if I care.  On the one had I care because I always do, I tacitly promised to do it right.  On the other hand, whether or not I remember or feel like asking them to fill out the post action survey is really kind of meaningless if I'm not going to do this any more.  Ever.  But I might want to next year or, heaven forbid, I might have to.  So I run the border of competence just keeping my oar in mixing performance like metaphors.  


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