So far, so good

I realized as I was answering mrdreamjeans that I think I've gotten through the second vaccine and had a little reaction which, in my inestimable medical opinion, is a good thing.  The reaction I mean.  I was not enjoying my last hour of work at all and I nearly just dropped the last call mid sentence (something I read long ago to do if you have to leave a call.... drop mid sentence and it seems inadvertent).  But I stayed to the end and worked my shift.  Then lay down and slept for nearly two hours.  Muuuuch better.  

So, I'm a one mask bandit now rather than the two I've been wearing.  And a sigh of relief that I'm way less likely to end up in the hospital and/or die.  Considering the governor's desire to maximize the Texas infection rate I'd say that being fully vaccinated is a good deal. 


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