Four more days

So this is Friday.  I'm off work and will only have four more days remaining of tax season and my involvement therein.

Not sure what is next.  I've got a few projects including resumption of a daily or near daily bike ride added to my Zoewalk.  And I've got a couple of pieces of wood that might be carved into spreader knives on the way to learning how to remake my favorite piece of wooden kitchen equipment.  And maybe a coffee scoop too.  If I can find the right piece of wood I may make a scoop that is the perfect size for a single dip into the beans rather than the very inefficient double dip that I currently am saddled with using my inferior plastic scoop.  These are things the world needs.

The funny thing about carving is that the actual carving is, a little like pottery, only one part of the process.  The first part is learning how to sharpen the tools.  I've not yet begun that process but I will have time to learn how to do it right and a drawer full of kitchen knives to work with in addition to my carving tools.

I also saw a magnificent light project that I might see if I can do.  There are wonderful LED strips that can be embedded into wood.

And grass to plant.  There is lots of that kind of stuff.  

And, of course, counting flowers on the wall.  


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