Last four days of work.  It has been interesting and I known a lot more about how the IRS works now, much more useful than knowing how Peloton works.  All in all I'm glad I did the gig.  It helped a little with my bank account too, always a plus.

But it is time to move on.  I've got a list and things to do and this work crap just seems to get in the way.  

So another 14 hours over 4 days.  

Up this morning and did the Zoewalk and shower and sweet roll (actually a disappointment...  another project to work on) and coffee.  I'll do my usual break at 11:30 and have a protein shake.  That part of the routine is a good one that I'll likely keep.  The walk and anything else done outside is only possible in the early from here until next fall.

For the moment I need one more cup of coffee to fill my Ember coffee cup before we kick off the phone work.  


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