You have to start somewhere

This does not look like an auspicious beginning but I'm getting used to the equipment whittling down to the simplest useful thing I can think of, a butter spreader.  

First day
First day

The piece of wood is about an inch shorter than I'd like but I'm just working through process making my mistakes on something I don't so much care about and doesn't cost much.

I did get a great set of sharpening stones for $35.  Four stones with a box you can see above.  I had a leather strop so I was able to sharpen my knife to a razor blade.  It is a very good Case knife so it sharpened well and holds its edge.  

I'll get this down to something resembling a spreader then sand it and oil it and see if I can make it useful.

Once I've done that and then likely again just to try different things I'll move onto something I really want which is a flat combination small spatula/spoon.  But I need a 13" piece of wood for that.  We'll see how it works out.  More to follow.

It was nice just listening to a podcast and slowly removing curls of wood.


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