Covid and Dinnerly

Not related other than just part of my day.

My last customer today had covid.  She was an under 21 single who had had it for two weeks and had the brain fog that goes with it.  We worked through her taxes on a tablet and got them off.  It was the part of my job that I really love.  I told her that she was fully successful and now fully eligible for her nap.  She appreciated getting the taxes out of the way and was definitely ready for the nap.

And I got this message from Dinnerly:

We're doing some planned maintenance that may take as much as 10 hours. (We are aiming for 2 to 3 hours.) During that time, both the website and the app will be unavailable.

I used to work in this environment and we'd build up an entire business domain with all the servers and associated SQL in 10 hours.  I can not imagine what they are doing but am fascinated with what it will look like when they are done.  Probably no change at all on our end.

Done for work today.  Tomorrow is the last day.  I'll miss the people like the last customer I had today.  Especially the young ones who need someone to tell them what all this tax stuff is about.  I'm good at that but have insufficient patience with the 90% of the other customers who call in just wanting to know why they don't have their refund yet.


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