Austin FC

Today is the opening game of Austin's new soccer franchise, Austin FC or as Dana calls them 'Groot' (their logo looks like a tree).

I used to play soccer (center forward) and was fairly good at it but started so late I never took it further than high school.  But it is an ADHD sport.  For two 45 minute periods you do nothing but run up and down the field.  So I loved the game and have followed mostly the woman's soccer teams.  But now we've got our own local team.  A bit of excitement.  

Other than that the day is quiet and cool.  It was cold this morning.  I'd been about ready to wash and put up my hoodie but am glad I didn't.  Today's Zoewalk was really a chilly one.  I was wishing I had a wind breaker on top of the hoodie.  Mornings for the foreseeable future are going to be like that.  Nice and cool.  The afternoons are going to approach 90 but it just means I'll be inside after noon.  

I've got a fairly clear schedule this first post employment week with a hearing test at the end.  Turns out what was bothering me (other than old age tinnitus) was wax.  I'd been using some stuff in the shower to get the wax buildup out of my ear and turned out I was only moving it around and making things worse.  The ENDT really cleaned out one ear and made all the difference.  But I'd committed to a hearing test so I'll get it and find out I'm missing the top end of sound which is due to age and rock music.  Nothing unusual.  But I do now have and will keep cleaned out ears.


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