Unfortunately Austin FC lost its first game.  They played about a third of the game in a manner that might have accrued a goal or maybe two, one third that was good defense, and a third that resulted in a two goal loss.  I've not watched near as much soccer as NFL football so my feeling for the nuances of the game are more from the memory of having played than as sports analyst but I suspect that most games are like this one.  Not capitalizing on the third where a team can manage some dominance results in a loss.

There will be more.  The nice thing about soccer is that it is a 90 minute game (plus 15 or so minutes of announcer yammering during the half) and not the three or four hour commitment of football and baseball.  One of the reasons I learned to bake is that I had to hang in the house for the time it took New England to finish a game, about the same time it took to bake bread.

Upcoming is a week during which I'll learn to wind down again.  Unclench my stomach muscles as no one expects anything from me, no performance standards to meet, just a week of being again.  Fortunately the weather will be nice so some of that will be on my bike.  The movement will fix anything negative that comes up.


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