Too busy for work

Yesterday I did my Zoewalk and then rode a 7 mile loop (starter level riding) and then cut the grass and did a load of wash.  This morning so far I've done the Zoewalk and had my car inspected and oil changed and filed for my registration and am now getting ready for a Zoom moving the adoption forward for my three kids.  

I'd forgotten how exhausting retirement was.

Really, though, the last thing I have to do today is this hour long meeting during which I'm basically a wall sconce, shedding a little bit of light but mostly for decoration.

After that I've got zero plans other than to get beyond halfway through The Stand.  I'm on my second library book of it.  The first ran out when I was about a third of the way in but fortunately another was available so I borrowed it and it loaded immediately on the Kindle and I didn't lose a beat.  I'm determined to finish it but am slowed a bit by lack of practice of actually reading rather than audio.  

Off for my meeting now.  I think these may continue to be virtual forever.  It is just an inconvenience to met IRL for something like this.  Nothing gained, really.  Fortunately I can always plead the age card.  I'm so frail.


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