I rode for another 7 mile loop on top of our morning Zoewalk.  My ass was still hurting from riding on Sunday but the only way to fix that is to work through it by riding more.  And various other muscles hurt.  But the same is true.  The only way is through. 

When we first moved here in 2005 I'd go on 40+ mile rides hardly thinking about it.   And on weekends I'd do the 20 mile round trip down to Einstein Bagels with a suitable stop in the middle for breakfast.  But that was 35 pounds and 15 years ago.  

I've got a ways to go but nothing more pressing than this so I'll get back to Einstein for breakfast eventually.  The nice thing about cycling is it builds up the largest muscle group in my body which burns up the most calories which makes it easier to ride so I can further build up the muscle group.

Somehow I got older so the cycle of larger muscles and more caloric burn is not what it used to be.  But I'm optimistic.  

No mask needed on a cycle!


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