Day one

This is the first day I really don't have anything I have to do.  I'm waiting for it to warm up some to do the Zoewalk so I'm going out for that in a little bit.  But no bike today.  Letting my ass adjust. 

There are always things I could do but I think I'm just going to enjoy a day of nothing.  Work up to my potential.  

I'm still only half way through The Stand so after the walk I'll read some more of that.  It is a bit of a project but is so far still keeping me interested.  By this afternoon it will be a good day to get some coffee and sit outside and read.  Rewire my brain a bit.

I'm watching with a bit (only a bit) of envy my sister's susandennis Wyze vacuum work in her living room.  It is funny to see it do its thing.  She has the perfect house for it.  Ours is too much of a changing mess to program something to clean and I don't see that changing any time soon.  Fortunately I don't too much mind doing the vacuum thing having bought a cordless Dyson last year.  It is so easy to grab and use.  So far, worth the bucks.

So now... off to do as little as I can.


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