Cool Day

It is going to warm up today but only just shy of 70 (21) degrees today.  My guess is it is the last day of this kind of weather for a long while.  I'll get out and enjoy it here shortly for our Zoewalk.  Soon enough we'll be doing that at 7AM before the heat of the day kicks in but now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee first knowing it will be cool and lovely when I'm ready.  

That is pretty much my entire plan for the day.  Seems kind of thin.  

I do, of course, have to keep vigil for the dog shit lady.  When she comes by again I'll see where she lives so I can return anything left again on our lawn to her porch.  We've got a fairly small neighborhood if walking a dog.  Kind of limits where she could be.  I've got my best detectives on it.

And I've got my book to read.  Working through my usual two, on audio and one Kindle, at a time.  The audio one is mostly when I go to sleep and wake up and if I wake up in the middle of the night.  

I was going to go to the store but think I can put it off for another day.  I've got to go out tomorrow anyway for my hearing test so may as well shop on the way back.  I decided to stop the food services (both Home Chef and Dinnerly) for a week or two and do our own food.  On the front end that is a good thing.  We can clear out some of the stuff in the pantry and freezer and replace it.  After that I'm not sure how it will go.  I think I'm going to go for next week without them anyway.  Which means I need to shop for food so we don't replace them with fast and restaurant food.  Planning.  Yuck.


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