I went for a hearing test today and turns out I'm old.

About 10 years ago I was going in for some brain surgery kind of stuff and got tested from head to toe.  All systems.  So I've got a great baseline including hearing.  Not much has changed in 10 years other than getting the damn was out of my right ear has helped me hear now equally out of both.  And my tinnitus is not medically bad.  Just an age thing and maybe a little left over from the Navy.

Navy ships are made with steel decks.  Steel decks have non-skid paint applied that has to be removed (the ship would founder from being top heavy if paint were just added all the time.. it has to be removed down to the metal and repainted).  The way to remove the non-skid is using grinders and knuckle busters and needle guns.  All very interesting instruments the sum of which make enough noise to rival a jet aircraft (and I've heard both from the same distance).  The office staterooms are one deck down below the main deck.  Where the non-skid is.  Where the knuckle busters and grinders and needle guns are plying their trade.  So someone is doing all that on a steel drum head about four feed over your head.  All day.  For weeks at a time.

It is amazing that I did not lose more hearing.  I only hope what I have lost was the result of The Who and The Stones and Uriah Heep and NOT steel decks and non-skid.

All things considered I can put up with a little tinnitus.  Gives me an excuse, as sleepybadger points out, to ignore what I don't want to hear and there seems to be more of that as I get older.


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