I've got the box ready to ship

Today I got my last paycheck in my account.  It was $558 but was a 1099 payment so figure 15% less and I haven't had anything taken out of any of it so really I owe probably $250 total in taxes out of the $2K total I made on the gig.  But that is so next year.  I haven't even filed 2020 yet.

But the box.  When I started this they sent me a blue dot that attached to the back of my chair and a webcam.  If I'm all done with the gig, meaning I don't intend to commit to being involved for the surge in October when the extensions expire, then I need to send the dot and the cam back.  And I'm vacillating.  I might want to do it again.

My father kept working nearly until he died.  He left his CEO job when they moved to Charleston but he started working as a kind of recruiter or placement worker.  He knew a lot of people and he loved to call them and talk about what they were doing and who they needed to fill various positions and he knew people who were looking for jobs and he put them together and raked off a small percentage.  It made him feel useful, kept him in touch with friends, and filled the coffers.

I know how he felt.  But for the calling friends all over the U.S. I've got the same kind of thoughts.  Likely we can survive with cash on hand.  I watch it pretty closely and so far the market keeps up with the current inflation.  Our coffers are in a fiscal decay but it is so slow we'll have some cash left over unless we live to 150 or so.  There are few things I really want to do with more money and it is not worth what I have to go through to get it.  I don't mind doing customer service but I saw an article recently showing how the brain over heats with Zoom after Zoom and that is my issue.  I can do a few calls an hour and do it well and send the customer away loving me, my solution to their problem, and the company.  But to hang up and have the phone ring immediately or suffer with bad stats if you don't set your status as 'available' within 30 seconds.  That is not healthy for me.  And neither is an AI program making sure I say just the right words regardless of whether they help the customer.  I'm a square peg.

So, I'm sending back the box.  Tomorrow.  


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