Austin FC first win — access denied

They clearly are not the New England Patriots but after promising that every game of their first season would be 'broadcast' the team failed.  Unless 'broadcast' includes webcast which, on my Roku, it does not.

One of the huge sports turnoffs for me is the stranglehold that, even with the 20 thousand stations I've got, keeps me from watching a local sporting event.  And one could say it is a fairly important one.  The second game by a newly established team in a sport that is actually growing in the U.S. AND the world.  

So the first goal and the first win for Austin FC (or, as Dana calls them based on their logo The Groot) were reduced to the size of my Pixel XL.  And, I assume, most of the rest of the games will be so.

I want a bar named 'The Vaccine' that has their own app and requires patrons to enter their card and be vetted.

And can get Austin FC on every television in the place.


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