After the freeze

The indigenous plants are unscathed by what we saw as a monumental freeze.  They take it in stride and creep back out when the sun says so:

Baby cactus plants returning
Baby cactus plants returning

Meanwhile back on the bike I've advanced to the next level, wanting to ride on a day it would be better not to.  My ass is still getting used to the saddle again and I'm not young enough to heal the bruising so quickly.  So the Zoewalk was the only aerobic work today (and the source of the picture above).  But I can feel my body's desire to get back on the bike again.  A very good sign.   I used to know what time of day it was by when my body started pulling me towards my running shoes.  I'm a lot of years past that but ready to do some pushing to build up my legs.  We've got a few wicked hills here.  I broke a chain in the middle of one while even peddling in the lowest gear.  I don't get off the bike.  I don't walk.  But I do plan my ride so I'm not too frequently caught above my current level.  Benefits of having ridden for 35+ years.  I've been avoiding a couple of rides that would require me to climb some very steep hills.  I've done them before and know what it takes.  Maybe next week I'll take on one.  It would add a mile or so to my ride which is what I need right now.  A little more length, a little more resistance training.

All of the above is in service to a ride to Einstein Brothers, a worthy goal and one I've not done since getting my hip and knee replaced.  It is only about 20 miles round trip with a break in the middle with coffee and an egg and bagel.  I could do it now but not enough built in safety as I'd like.  I'll enjoy it more when I've built up my legs some.  Maybe in a couple or three weeks.  A HUGE benefit to my not working is I've got every day that I can think of as a potential bike touring day.  

But today is a rest and recovery day.  At least as important.


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