Oppressive weather day

Just back from out Zoewalk.  The humidity is 98 percent and it is not raining.  I don't normally much care about that having come here from Florida but today I'm short on sleep and knocked over my first cup of coffee so everything is annoying and I need a nap.

Yesterday they were talking about hail again, and tornados and thunderstorms.  You know, late April.  Dana decided she needed to get her car in the garage.  We've been here nearly three years.  I was happy to cart a trip to Goodwill that contained a car load.  And we threw out a lot.  And she moved the rest in circles now blocking my bike access.  But the car is in the garage.  Barely.  We have storage on both walls of the garage that is no longer accessible.  If I want an extension cord I have to move her car.  But our driveway is empty and that is a good feeling.  The rest of her stuff will have to go somewhere so I can get to my bike.  But not today.  See previous paragraph.

I've got a CASA group meeting this evening (this is a thing that is far improved by being virtual).  Mostly I can nod my head and smile a lot and not do much else.  When I first joined up with the program I had some idea of being an ad litem rep that was more legal liaison and less big brother/big sister.  The CASA kind of wants more of the latter and my boundaries are not good around that.  I'm too easily manipulated by kids and the three that I have sense it, as to all kids.   I promised 18 months in October of 2019 and the three are getting close to their adoptive home if things work out so I'll not be doing it much longer.

Time for late breakfast/early lunch.


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