If things keep going this way

A typical day riding my bike.  The only time it rained so far today (more rain coming soon) was about two minutes into my ride and until about 10 minutes after I was done.  The one good and bad thing about exercising outside is.... the outside.  From long experience of having screwed it up I was dressed appropriately and was comfortable.  I don't mind the rain if I'm warm enough and will never forget the 20 miles in rainy 40 degree weather when I lost all feeling in my feet.  So this was better and pretty funny.  Care taken at intersections with cars around.  They suck in the rain.  I do better even with my skinny tires.

It was a good ride.  Which led to a great nap.

And my monthly financial report was in the green.  I had my typical P/L decay with a negative $279 cash flow for the month but the stock market pulled me through and our net worth was up about $3000.   We still need to cut spending.  I stopped HomeChef for now but did order a $40 Dinnerly package (3 meals for 2 people).

Our discretionary spending was up with a big shoe purchase for Dana.  But that was two pair of walking shoes and well worth the money.  The other big purchase was Costco but I did not break out what it was for (food vs pet, etc).  I think it was mostly food.  We also had the second half of our window replacement service.  

All in all I'm pleased.  We are on a downward financial spiral in the big picture but it is sustainable for the time being.  If we have to we can start drawing Dana's Social Security in a couple of years.

But for the moment we're OK and solvent and even made a few bucks.  Which means I don't have to generate income at this point.  

So if things keep going this way.....  it will be good.  Weird thought.


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