And rain it is

All day...  sweeping showers and flash floods.  I'm nice and dry and comfy in our house having completely disregarded any thoughts of shopping.  My wife, however, decided that today would be a good day to go to Ikea (as if there was ever one)  and get a small cabinet for her meds.  

I'm happily sitting around reading and watching the rain.  And watching our backyard river grow:

The Schubert rill
The Schubert rill

It is fed from the uphill neighbors and flows down to a storm drain on the other side of the fence.  When we first moved in they blocked off the drain during one of these deluges and the water backed up to nearly our door before Dana waded out and pulled the blockage.  And the following week they put up the blockage again.  Their thought was that they need to keep construction debris out of the drain.  Mine was that we had just built our house and I would not be thrilled with having it flood.

I took pictures and told them that my insurance company had a pretty good lawyer and they might want to stop blocking the drain.  So they did.

This sight will be even lovelier in a year or two when it is grown up and full of wild flowers.


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