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Sunday afternoon

Pretty good day.  Did the weekly shopping with all of my Sunday friends at the grocery store.  I use GroceryIQ so it is a brainless task for which I am thoroughly qualified.  I'm one of those people who plug into my phone (an HTC android) so that I can avoid the store music.  For some reason the grocery store thinks I'll buy more if they have some woman screaming like her foot has been recently trod upon.  It has nothing to do with age.  I have been quite consistent since first discovering music that I do not like screaming women.  Or screaming men, for that matter.

Fortunately I have a beautiful and sweet sister who allows me access to various methods of acquiring audio books so that I can be somewhere else while performing the mundane tasks of shopping.  Very un-Buddhist of me but there it is.  I'm in the middle of Master and Commander which compared to the movie is a good deal more detailed and replete with all of the complexities of life aboard ship in the early 19th century.  So I'm entangled in the mizzenmast during one hell of a battle while loading the cart with grub.  As long as no one says hello to me I'm fine.

Finished the shopping and came back for a good snack, a short nap during some of Sunday Morning and went shopping again.  This time to Lowes (one of the better stores in the world) to buy dirt and plants for the store.  

Now it is time to start easing back into the work week getting ready for whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing tomorrow.  I see we've got half a day's worth of appointments.  Generally the phone rings off the wall on Monday's and we fill up quickly.  I suspect that we'll fill up through Tuesday before lunch tomorrow.  I'm setting up an interview for a second part time worker bee this time a tech.

We are starting a new marketing program this week: Sun City Saver.  For $330 the residents of Sun City can buy a magnet with the numbers 1-4 on it representing 4 hours of on site service prepaid at a 10% discount.  We'll see how it does.  If it is popular we will expand to the Georgetown Saver magnets.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out.  We've been working up to it for about 6 weeks.  I've got a $20 bounty to the first tech who sells one.

Well off to work on my Google Task list.

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