I want to know who made me go to the store today

We could have gone another day.  I could have gone on Monday instead of Sunday.

Everyone is out today.  The rain stopped so lots of pent up demand all over.  Including the store.  And it seemed like everyone was cranky and in a hurry.  I was only cranky.  

From the first cyclist who did not think I had stopped in the manner she would have liked as I was leaving our development and who thought she might point to the stop sign as if I had not stopped at all to the guy in the new American metal car who gunned it from 50MPH to 60MPH with as much noise as he could as he passed me, people were just obnoxious today.  And, of course, the store was packed.

The bicyclist thing was kind of funny since I've probably got 30 years more experience on a bike than she does and can tell you that in any interaction whether the car is right or the cyclist is right, it is seldom good for the cyclist.  I tend to wave and say thank you to any car who does not hit me at an intersection.  No downside to it.  They might be nice to the next cyclist.  But gesturing at a car and giving non verbal driving advice is maybe not the best use of a cycle outing.  My experience.

Anyway, I'm home and it is quiet and I don't have to do anything other than cook the wonderful steak I bought and look forward to the day tomorrow when I don't have to interact with the world unless I want to.

I also realized that Wimbledon starts in 57 days and the US Open in 120.  What a great time to not be working!


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