When we were young

My sister, susandennis has written about this before and I just relocated a picture as proof.  The kids of the execs in Winston-Salem were the early models for Hanes Knitting.  All kinds of legal violations today but this was the early 1960's and all of us kids were trundled up to a hotel room where we STILL HAD TO DO our homework while we waited for our shot.  Then we'd put on whatever pajamas we were shooting that night and we posed for the camera.  The pictures went into the catalogue.  Here is the one picture I managed to keep:

Am I a hunk or what?
Am I a hunk or what?

We also walked the cross stage runway during sales conventions.  Somewhere is a picture of that too.  We got to keep the merchandise so it wasn't all bad.

Wish I had those pj's now.  


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