Tired Zoe out

We typically drive down to the trail head and do our Zoewalk which works out to be about 1.4 miles.  But I've been wanting to extend it and walk the whole way.  Zoe is one of those dogs who can walk off lease in safety on the sidewalk with me.  She is very responsive and won't even think of going into the street.  So we did that.  It extended the walk from 1.4 to 2.1 miles (according to Google Maps).  It would have been more but she told me it was time to turn around and we had the uphill return so I obliged her.  She immediately hit the pool on our return and is now lounging on the bed cooling off before her nap.

Drying off and cooling down
Drying off and cooling down

Tomorrow we'll try again and see if we can get the rest of the walk in.  The total is 3 miles with a fairly large hill on the way back.  Definitely an early morning walk.  

Not much else on the schedule today.  I may get some grass seed out now it has dried up some and the weather is still not too hot.  We have some patches and I'm going to play with it and see if I can get it to grown in.  

And maybe bake some more bread.  I baked some yesterday and the gluten did not develop at all so the bread is more like cake.  Either the flour is old (???) or I got my proportions off.  The bread I was making was one that kind of goes towards cake anyway since it has sunflower seed in it.  So I may just do a very simple french bread just to prove I can.  Get my gluten working again.  Or, if that fails, throw out the flour.


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