Walking Zoe's little paws off

We did the long walk today.  3.1 miles up and down hills.  Both Zoe and I were dead.  I did not eat first and it made a difference.  I got really light headed and sat on a bench twice.  Probably dehydration too.  Poor planning.  But we made it all the way through.  Tomorrow will be a short walk for her and maybe a bike ride for me if I feel up to it.

I found a bike rack that goes on the back of my Smart Car.  The design is so simple it rolls up and stores in the back hatch panel.  I'm excited about it.  To be able to tote my bike over where I used to ride or to the local park that has tons of trails would be wonderful.  Now I've got weekdays and a month or so before the urchins are out of school I can have some of the best places all to myself on weekdays.  Won't last long but I can explore while it is quiet.  Get some miles in where the hills are not quite so daunting.

Otherwise a quiet day today.  I did go to our local Vitamin Shoppe and buy some pea protein.  They had a 50% buy one get one so I bought a LOT of it.  Dana and I have gotten into the habit of having a daily protein shake with berries in it.  The pea protein is good for her stomach and any kind of vegetables is a plus for me.  And somewhere I read recently that it is all about berries.  And...  yumm....... 

So we replace one meal with it...  I usually have a half a cinnamon roll or bagel for breakfast and the shake later and a very small lunch and an early dinner. 

It is funny, though, that I really need fuel before any kind of exercise now or I get light headed.  Comes with age, I suppose.  


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