No IRL meetings

For the past three or more years I've had a monthly meeting first Thursday of the month with three very successful entrepreneurs.  When we started I still had my company and after I no longer worked they keep me on as a mascot.  It has always been a breakfast meeting where we discussed the ins and outs of their companies.  It was dubbed the Brain Trust as we solved some pretty big problems for each of their companies over the years in an entirely NDA environment.

 A year ago we went virtual but kept them up.  The virtual is really not nearly as interesting and we were all looking forward to June when we might be able to meet in person.  But yesterday as we were comparing vaccine status it came up that one of the group has no plans to be vaccinated.   Her stated reasoning is thin and she claims to not be antivax.  Her kids have all the other vaccines and she always gets a flu shot.  So is it fear?  Or political?  Her husband is a pretty heavily right leaning gun toting Texan who would never get a vaccine of any kind.  They are, of course, now going to travel.  They are going to Houston soon and to Las Vegas for a conference.  

She is a huge part of the problem we have in the US.  She's a smart woman who is being negatively influenced, I think, by her husband.  Which means her two daughters are not going to be vaccinated either.  I think she has read some hype about how this vaccine has not been tested thoroughly while hearing her husband talk about how Covid is not as bad as the fake media say it is.  The vaccine has not had years of testing.  Neither had the polio one.  Busy saving the world here.  Hundreds of thousands STILL dying every day.

So we will likely never meet again in person with our group and I'll likely never even see her again in real life.  I have no reason to do business with her company and won't be around her husband regardless and now no longer around her.

Brave new world.  The divide yawns ever wider.


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