Faucet install day

I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver us a new kitchen faucet.  Good news and bad news there.  The good news is that we'll have a better faucet that isn't having problems.  The bad news is that when it gets here I need to install it.  Not ridiculously difficult, just upside down work.  I had enough of that when I had my sailboat which seemed to have anything hard to fix below decks where I'd have to hang down and do the work.  I've replaced faucets before and they make it easy.  So maybe this will be also.  Fingers crossed.

Other than that nothing happening today.  I already went on a Zoewalk and shot some hoops (my latest attempt to keep my arthritic shoulder loosened up) and went to the grocery place.  I had to shop today to get canadian bacon so I can make eggs benedict.  Mother's day is the excuse for that.  We both love it and I've gotten so it is not much of a chore but we don't have it often as it is basically like eating half a stick of butter and four or five egg yokes.  But it is good and it pleases Julia Child.

I've just learned that my younger of two sons and his wife completed their second round of THE vaccine so I'm breathing a little easier now.  The two of them were careful but still.  My elder son is a psychologist practicing in bipolar and schizophrenic (and, therefore, substance abuse) therapy so he got his shots early.  We're covered.  I can't imagine how I'd react were something to happen to them.

It does remind me that a year ago I was planning a driving trip to see them (about 2000 miles each way... Austin to Des Moines to Providence and back 4000+ total, 61 hours of driving).  Then the country shut down.  And now I probably can't even rent a car to do that.  Part of the trip thought was to rent the most advanced car I could get to help me with the driving and to just have fun with.  Now I suspect it will be years before anything like that is available. 

So no trip to the east coast for now.  


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