Eggs benedict and soccer

This morning is the time for eggs benedict.  It is a tradition that Dana and I have developed over the years.  Mom's day, birthday and usually some other random day in the year.  I've got the process down and can knock them out with ease.  It is something we both look forward to.

Then this afternoon is Austin FC (aka the Groot) soccer nationally broadcast vs Kansas City.  The fourth game by the club.  This weekend every major national broadcast company (abc, cbs, nbc, fox, fs1, etc) will show at least one soccer game.  First time in the U.S.  All those little urchins chasing a ball up and down the pitch in the U.S. are now old enough to buy the stuff being advertised.   That and TBI have moved a lot of people away from the NFL and towards soccer.  

Other than that it will be a quiet day.  I've already been on our Zoewalk since the temp started out the day at 75 (24) degrees out and humid so we are in the summer swing today.  Up and out while it is still cool enough to be bearable.  By noon I'll be inside for the day.  Bless Will Carrier.

It is so nice to look at my upcoming week's schedule and see nothing I need to do.  Sunday was always the day my stomach started becoming increasingly tense as I thought about what needed to be done on Monday and into the week.  I still have to stop myself, tell my body that there is no need for a stress reaction when there is no stress.  It takes practice.  


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