Reduced to writing

I got up in time this morning to call the IRS at 6:59 but they said they didn't answer their phones until 7.  So I called at 7 on the dot and got the message that due to high volume they could not take my call.  No adding me to a queue for four hours.  Nothing.  This was a phone extension specific to my amended 2019 return.  They are really hurting for people and have my sympathy.  They'd have more of it if they gave me any way at all to complete my return from two years ago.

The reality is they owe me money but think I owe them money.  The document showing the difference is sitting in their queue (and they have acknowledged that it has been received in August 2020 but not yet processed).  We're talking about a $4000 swing (they owe me vs I owe them) and at the moment they are saying that I owe them $2615.30 and need to pay.  I've talked to them on the phone twice and had the payment delayed twice awaiting their processing the amendment that results in a $2195 refund but now can not even get them on the phone.  The due date by which I'm supposed to pay is 8 June, less than a month from now.

So I'm going to write a letter clearly as I can and succinctly as I can and maybe someone will have time to read it before the 8th.

A pickle.


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