Pretty much a non-day

Other than the Zoewalk this AM I've done nothing much today other than read.  Finally finished The Stand.  Hell of a story boosted by its theme of a pandemic (like that could ever happen).  Good and evil.  The usual.  

Working through other free books from Amazon on my Kindle.  I stumbled across something about Kindle Unlimited today and just pulled the thread.  Apparently Amazon gave me two months of K.U. and I missed it.  It just happened a few days ago so I just put a calendar entry saying to cancel it before renewal.  The problem is that there's nothing I want to read I can't already get in the library.  I just checked for one book and it is available but not for K.U. So what is the point?  If only some books are part of the K.U. deal then I'm not going to pay twice what an annual subscription to the entire Brooklyn Library system costs me.

I've got a survey from this site called User Interview set up tonight.  It is 90 minutes of live, although only typing, interaction with a person or people or something like that.  User Interviews - A Conversation about Texas Residents.  They'll pay me $35.  Dana was supposed to be gone to Tyler today so I figured it was better than watching movies by myself.  Turns out she'll be here anyway.  She slipped during the last rainstorm and fell bruising her sternum.  No real damage but it is very painful (10 out of 10 some of the time) and so she's delaying the trip.  But I'm on the hook for the gig tonight anyway.  Hopefully it will be interesting.   Thirty five bucks for 90 minutes is decent pay.


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