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I just got my Amazon gift card for $35.  Actually they sent me a redeemable code.  Good as cash.  The gig was an hour and a half answering really awkwardly worded questions and scenarios about Texas electrical companies.  Texas has this weird hybrid of electrical companies.  The state is deregulated (nun o that regulation stuff here, by god) but much of it is grandfathered into coops that are inviolate.  The many, many fly by night sellers of electricity are prohibited from acquiring customers from any region that is within the coop.  As long as we've been here we have been in a coop, the same one all along.  We get electricity.  It is almost always on, very few outages.  And there is never a billing surprise.  The board that runs it prepares for contingencies and like an insurance mutual has emergency funds to cover.... emergencies.  There was no change during the recent power crash when some companies ran up their charges to cover their cost.  We had fairly predictable rolling blackouts and had enough electricity to get by in some comfort.  I was really pleased and very happy to be in a coop.

So this group grope was clearly paid for by companies trying to figure out some new marketing angles after the fall.  The group was very leery of the independent companies and tired of the 'specials' and the 'deals' that they had.  Everyone just wants calm, secure, predictable electricity and reasonable, predictable pricing.

It was a fairly painless 90 mins and the money was good and paid immediately.  So I'm happy about it.  Good experiment with a new gig company.  I'll go back to look for more.


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