Texas in the wild

I went to HEB for a couple of things.  Can dog food to mix with the dry (aka — my dogs are incredibly spoiled and want their food mixed just right) and some sandwich meat and OJ.  Hardly worth the trip but the dogs insisted.  

HEB still had their big sign over the door that masks were required.  There were three people in the store without masks.  They all three seemed like vaccine kind of people.  The mask checker was not on the door so I think they are not enforcing it any longer.  But all the HEB worker bees had masks.  

Weirdly HEB did not go for the obvious marketing ploy of making masks for their workers with HEB slogan on them.  I'm always surprised when I go there as it seems an obvious good will marketing thing.  Give the employees half a dozen high quality HEB masks each with instructions of how to wash them.  They have HEB t-shirts.  

Regardless.  I was masked and happily content to be in a big open space with a couple of vaccine shots in my body.  No more worries.

It's over 80 degrees now so no more outside, thank you very much.


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