Finally got it done and ready to mail

I finished my letter to the IRS finally and have it ready to mail.  It is only going 30 miles away so it should be there Tuesday.  If they would only read it.

My suspicion is that I won't hear anything back from them at all, that they won't get to it in time.  If that is the case I'll have to decide whether to roll the dice and not pay what I don't owe (even though they think I do) or pay and just give them an interest free loan until they do process what will soon be my year old amended return.  

Meanwhile I'm on this site that has occasional gigs and I just applied for one.  It wants to know my experience with filing 2020 taxes using Turbotax.  Specifically they want my experience filing independent work (aka — 1099NEC) form using the program.  They didn't ask if I had ever supported TT so I think I'm eligible.  Should be an easy $150.

Other than that I'm just hanging out trying to get over Austin FC (aka — Groot) loss to LA yesterday.  It was not a bad game but for the two goals they scored.  For most of the game they looked a LOT better.  I think Groot got off lucky.

And watching the grass grow.  Really.  We had a terribly patchy back yard that is in the process of repair.  And the front had some weeds and the side does not get enough sun to grow anything other than the weeds.  So I added some seed to the back, weed and feed to the front along with a couple of spots that got some seed, and a different shade tolerant seed down the side.  Fortunately the big sprinkler in the sky gifted us with free water today and it is now sunny and humid.  I can almost hear the seed doing its thing.  Should be interesting.   


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