One less fur source in the house

Dana is off divesting of our store of cat 'stuff'.  Food and such.  The cat was ready to stop hurting and being confused.  It is just now hitting Dana but she's sad to have that piece of her life gone and happy that the timing was good.  And fortunately she has Toby who adores her and tolerates me.  

The cost was actually less than I thought it would be so I'm happy about that.  There is a group of three vets around here who only perform euthanasia.  They come to your house and do it right, I'm sure.  It is the luxury edition, though, and would have cost us $525+.  So we drove ourselves and went to the normal vet for about $180 including handling the cremation.

So, turn the page.  

I've been asked to transport my CASA kids from what is looking like will be their permanent home not too far from where we live back to their foster home north of Houston after a weekend visit.  It is a not until Monday morning (a six+ hour trip by the time I go there and back home). I'm sharing the car with the three of them for over 2 hours.  They have not been vaccinated (the foster home refuses to discuss it) and have spent the weekend running around with another group.  I'll make them wear masks and I'll have one too and no recycling air with the AC.  It doesn't bother me too much now I'm vaccinated.  I find it to be so easy to just compartmentalize Covid and forget that it intersects with things like transporting these kids.  Throws the dice and takes my chances.  

But it is near my last interaction with CASA.  I'll move on once these three are permanently settled.  Time to do something else.


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