Oh, so frustrating ice

I'm not far from buying ice trays.  Our Whirlpool refrigerator is not yet 3 years old but the ice maker has died now three times.  I know what is wrong but not how to fix it.  The water line just before where it dumps into the ice tray is frozen.  Faulty design, poor insulation, or something similar.  The last repair guy showed it to me and thawed it out but I can't see how to get into the assembly now to do it myself.  I've got an appliance warranty contract on the house and can get a company back here for round 3.5 (the last guy had to come twice so I've had someone here three times but only two incidents) for a $75 basic charge.  It will be worth it if I can learn something, maybe how to thaw it out myself.  So I'm annoyed today.

And I feel the pressure of having to transport the kids tomorrow.  Way more anxiety than necessary but much of it is that I'm out of the habit of both human interaction and having something scheduled.  I've just gotten so comfortable NOT having to do anything.  The execution will be easier than the anticipation.

Other than that it is a day of rain.  As is tomorrow.  Our trip will be mostly in the rain.  Fortunately not on the interstate much of the way.    


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