If only I could remember my name

Crosby's anti-eponymous album has some lovely songs in it and I always kind of felt an affinity with the thought expressed in the title.

How is it that a teacher doesn't care what time on a Monday (any time is fine) I get there to pick up kids I'm taking back home?  If it is Memorial Day and schools are closed.  And is today Memorial Day?  

So after all the self generated angst it is not until next Monday.  I got up early-ish, took Zoe out for a short walk and realized there was no coffee and I didn't have time to make any.  But there is a Starbucks not too far out of the way.  Pouring rain all the way down the road to the Starbucks 15 miles away.  There was an elfin employee standing by the ordering speaker holding a box substitution for an umbrella over his head and a sign saying "no electricity".  So no Starbucks.  Nor any coffee or breakfast roll to be had at any of the other choices as I looked around to see the obvious, only the traffic signals were working.  No other store lights anywhere.  

As I gave up on breakfast and coffee I sent an email to the house where I was picking up the boys.  A few minutes later I got a call from the CPS person in charge of the case telling me I was a week early.

Good rehearsal, though.


If only I could remember my name.


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