Phone day

I started this morning (and am currently continuing it) with a phone call to the IRS.  The amended return I filed in August of 2020 for the tax year 2019 has still not been processed.  I've been assured repeatedly during four previous calls that the payment due on the original return of about $2500 could be held temporarily as I wait for the amended part to be processed.  This is kind of important as once the amended return goes through I've got a $2200 rebate.  Pretty big swing.  And, of course, I get a notice yesterday after submitting a request for them to permanently hold off on collecting what would essentially be an interest free loan to the government.  Not only did they ignore my request but they notified me that penalties have accrued and now I owe more money.  I've got every phone call and other contact with the IRS logged so I can walk them through the promises that nothing will change so I doubt the penalties will remain.  But I suspect I'll have to pay the original amount while I wait for them to process a return submitted ten months ago.

I've talked to one lady already but she could not do anything (doesn't it seem like the people you can get through to have no power but are really nice and the ones that can actually fix things are far, far away?).  She gave me a 'transfer code' good for the day that apparently means I don't have to go through verification again but still have to be on hold.  I've been on the phone for an hour and 15 minutes.  

Once I get through this I'll go for a walk then call my supplemental insurance company and see if I can track down what appears to be 75 claims they never processed.  Just curious, you know.

Meanwhile, to keep myself entertained I'm organizing two drawers of t-shirts:

My treasures
My treasures

Some are long sleeve.  They can go into winter storage.  That will help.  I can't decide how to organize the rest.  By how frequently I wear them?  And, of course, many of the ones I most often wear are ready to be tossed.  But I wear them!!

So much more complicated than a two year old tax return.


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