Bullets and inflation

I just read that there's no inflation to speak of.  My $6 steak costs $10 now but that is not an indication of inflation.  Food has always been just something I got without much regard to cost.  I pay attention to costs in other places but have pretty much just gotten what I wanted when shopping.  That is only a bit true now.  If I stand still in the store, the prices seem to go up.  I'm assured by the learned economists that it is a temporary supply line issue and I believe that to be true.  I'd be happy to see them go back down sooner than later, though.  Makes Dinnerly seem more and more like a good buy.

The guy in San Jose had 12 guns and 25000 rounds of ammunition.  When I first heard that I thought "Where the hell does he get that kind of money? That stuff is expensive!  If I had enough cash for that I'd take a trip, to hell with shooting up my work place."

Irreverent, I know, but 50 rounds of 9mm costs between $5 and $10.  I'm guessing in LA it is $10.  So that is a quarter million dollars of ammunition.   Figure the guns at $500 each, that's a paltry $6000 but that does not count all the ancillary gear. This guy is seriously invested in his hobby.

And I'm sitting here worrying about whether I can afford to buy a higher quality of steak for dinner for another $10.

Hardly seems fair.


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